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Any number of words can describe David Olson; creative, resourceful, connected, artistic, clever, inspiring, funny, attentive, flexible, . . . but two words sum up his talents: "the best."

Any number of words can describe David Olson -- creative, resourceful, connected, artistic, clever, inspiring, funny, attentive, flexible, . . . but two words sum up his talents:  "the best."

...Both my husband and I worked very full-time throughout the entire building process -- we just can't imagine how we could have done it without David Olson!  And the horror stories you hear about marriages falling apart while building or remodeling a home -- I think David makes sure that doesn't happen!...

...So if you haven't figured out already, I'm highly recommending David Olson -- for new construction, remodeling or simply rejuvenating a room.  The more I work with him, the more fun it is and the more exciting the outcome.  You know you've had a good day when David gets the "goosebumps on his arms" after seeing something come together!  We look forward to many years together of collaborative, creative and beautiful choices for our home!

Thank you David!

Sarah Meek & Eric Swanson


I can't thank you enough for picking out all these fixtures! Ellen walked in the door and saw the kitchen fixtures. She said that she loved them and would like to take them someday! That is so her style. Neil went, "Oh wow" when he saw the sconces. He really liked them. He was hesitant about the bedroom fixtures when I showed him the pictures but when he saw the actual fixture he really liked it. He also thought the foyer fixture was great and liked the bathroom fixture too. Joe is such a wonderful guy and when you weren't around he thought the fixtures really worked well with everything. SSHHHH I wasn't supposed to tell you that!

You have to see the bedroom fixture up because it is absolutely perfect with the furniture. The foyer looks elegant now as does the dining room minus all the boxes and old fixtures! I can't wait until the window treatment goes up. I know you will do a superb job.

I do need new faucets for the bathroom but we can look at that when we start the master bath. You are simply the best David Olson. I truly mean it.

Please tell Bonnie how excited we all are with the fixtures. Since it is so cold outside, I can just go from room to room and gaze at how great everything looks.

I think the kitchen takes on a whole new attitude. I always disliked those "chromies". I just made up a word.

It was so great seeing you again. Thanks for stopping by and making sure everything looked right.



We can’t thank you enough for all you have done to help make our dream come true! We will never forget you, walking us into our new home for the first time on June 9th 2004. What an awesome feeling of overwhelming happiness! You have been an absolute Savior in making the experience of building a home stress free! We can only imagine all of the time and effort you have committed to our project. David you are the most talented and creative person we have ever known.

Thank you again for sharing your endless time and talent with us You are always welcome to come visit us at anytime.


Tammi & Riad Youssef

David posses a unique combination of style, fastidious attention to detail and value. As I walk through my house, I am reminded of the great choices he guided me into making. He turned the headache of an addition/remodel into a pleasant experience that my family enjoys daily. Relationships matter to David, because of this long after our main project was finished he helped me add pieces or change colors to tie everything in our home together. With great confidence I would recommend David to my family and friends.

Kathleen Cecere

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with David on several projects over the last seven years. He has an incredible knack to put the entire design together, while meeting my needs and exceeding my expectations.

He is well respected by others in the industry. I have recommended him to several people, and would not hesitate to recommend him in the future. David is a joy to work with.

Barbara Palensky

Dear David,

Just a quick note to let you know how much we love our great room furnishings and rugs. You have created a comfortable, yet elegant space for all of our family to enjoy. We look forward to the remaining pieces enhancing the beauty of the room. Our whole home has been enhanced by the hard work you have done for us.

Julie & Phil Donaldson


Happy Spring…your weather has a arrived!
We love, love, love our dining room!


Jody & Tom Comfort